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Master's Degree in Music Education

Woman Owned Small Business

LGBTQ+ Friendly

Learn and Perform

Three Recitals Per Year

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I take my lessons virtually, and Erica is an excellent teacher! I've always wanted to take singing lessons, and I'm so glad to have chosen Musician First Music LLC. The lessons really are musician first. She was open to my love of musical theatre and opera; and she's working with me to sing roles from the shows and genres I love! Before Erica, most of my singing experience was through shower ballads or jam sessions in the car. I didn't know much about notes or musical terminology, but she took the time to explain and build my knowledge from the ground up. Since taking lessons, my vocal range has expanded and my tone has so much more color! She's a great teacher and a lovely person all around. -Roman

Erica has been such a wonderful piano teacher. We first switched over to her (2022) when my son (age 6 at the time) was having some piano difficulties. I informed his previous teacher that he was starting to hate piano. He was resisting practicing and would whine constantly that it was just too hard. His previous teacher acknowledged my concerns but didn’t do much to try to figure out what we can do differently. When I brought my son over to Erica she assessed where he was - what he knew, understood and where he lacked. She discovered the problem and took him back to some basics he was missing. Once those gaps were filled in we didn’t have anymore issues. His last teacher had him moving forward in his books when some big foundational skills and knowledge were missing. Earlier this year (2023) I had my daughter begin piano lessons. She is 5. I am impressed by the progress my daughter has made in such little time. My daughter thinks piano is “fun.” I am utterly impressed in how Erica is able to bring piano learning to the appropriate level for the student. I can’t say enough great things about Erica. If I had more kids they would all go to her. I am so grateful she saved my son from quitting piano. I am delighted to see my daughter enjoy playing piano at such a young age and I’m thrilled to begin my piano journey again as an adult student. Lastly, I am happy we are going to be a piano playing family. -Diana

I’m a beginner adult piano student and Erica has made it a very enjoyable experience learning to play and read music. I’ve learned a TON on and about the piano, but also about learning in general and what will actually work. Her teaching ability is just as refined as her piano skills. 10/10 would recommend. -Jeremy

Ms. Erica is a wonderful teacher! My daughter loves piano lessons and has already learned so much in a short time. She makes it fun and challenging at the same time! -Aly

My granddaughter (age 7) and I have been taking individual beginning piano lessons online with Erica for about two months now. Erica is a great teacher because she tailors each lesson to the individual student, offering challenging material with lots of positive coaching and reinforcing feedback. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to learn a new instrument or to brush up your skills. -Michael

Thoughtful, original instruction with a wealth of experience. Great with child behavior management to stick to the lessons. Lucky to have Erica & her personality in our lives! -Kenny

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