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All lessons are offered either virtually or in our Peoria studio
Single student: $22
/half hour or $40/hour
Family plan: $20/half hour for two or more students
Try a lesson for $10! Click the button to get started!






Piano Lessons (ages 5 and up)


Let's play piano! These lessons are customized for the individual student's needs and goals. Students learn proper playing technique, keyboard mapping, music theory, improvisation, and more! Each lesson is planned and prepared to be fun and engaging and to help students of all ages feel successful. If you're an adult student, it's never too late to start!

Voice Lessons (ages 9 and up)


Everyone (yes that means YOU) can learn to sing! Just like any other instrument, singing is a skill that is acquired through practice and training, rather than a "talent" you're either born with or not. You'll learn techniques such as breath control, vowel formation, articulation, phrasing, and more! Together, we'll explore the sounds your voice can make which you can use to improve the quality of your singing voice. 

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