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Hello! I'm Erica Lewis and I am the owner of Musician First Music LLC. I am a music teacher with more than decade of experience teaching individual music lessons and group classes to a variety of ages. I have experience with students as young as a few months to students as old as 88! I hold both a Bachelor's degree in music education from Roberts Wesleyan College and Master's degree in music education from the State University of New York at Buffalo. My husband and I moved from snowy New York to sunny Arizona and we couldn't be happier here.

Here's how I approach lessons:

1. Music should be fun. There's no better feeling than successfully making music. Musician First Music teaching methods increase student confidence, build self-esteem, and make the process of learning enjoyable. 

2. Everyone is a musician. Everyone has some level of music potential that can grow with training and practice. I'll meet you wherever you are. It doesn't matter if you have been making music for years or are starting at square one-YOU are a musician!

3. The musician comes first. I teach content that serves the student's developing music skills and understanding. My teaching is tailored to individual needs and focused on student growth rather than the "perfect product." 

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